Diamond Buying Tips this Holiday Season
March 10, 2016
Jewelry as an Investment
March 10, 2016

Diamonds are always the clear choice… or not?

When most people think “diamond” they think of that beautiful, clear, sparkling, multifaceted stone that often comes in engagement rings, earrings, pendant necklaces, etc. They think of cut, clarity, carat and color… sort of.

Let’s revisit color for a moment. One of the latest diamond trends is color. We’re not talking color-LESS, but actual color – from pretty pastels to deep hues. Diamonds can beautifully run the gamut.

A few on-trend diamond color choices.

Canary Yellow
This one is all over Hollywood – from Kelly Clarkson, to Heidi Klum, to Carrie Underwood. They’re all sporting this striking color for their diamond engagement ring. Intense to pale hues dominate, often set in gold.

Almost as delicious, this earthy toned diamond comes in a variety of shades, from pale to deep, and is great for fall accessorizing.

A pretty, feminine stone, pink diamonds can range in color from orange-pink to purple-pink, authentic pink diamonds are rare, thus can be very expensive. Definitely have this one looked at by a professional – pink sapphire’s are more common, and can easily be mistaken for diamond.

Truly a statement piece, black diamonds. Alone, or paired with white diamonds, these beautiful stones are so striking! Even better, black and shades of gray-silver diamonds tend to be less expensive than other colors, so they’re a great buy!

While white diamonds are a classic, a few of these fun colors can add some spice and variety to your collection!