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March 10, 2016
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March 10, 2016

Jewelry as an Investment

This is a question I get often, so I thought it beneficial to write a little bit about it here on the blog.

Most recently, it had to do with a particular piece, so here’s the conversation…

Question: I was wondering if you guys are able to appraise Tanzanite stones? If so, do you think they are worth buying as investment items/nice pieces? Also, what concerns would you have?

My answer: I would tell you what a friend of mine from Texas told me about jewelry: Never buy a stone as an “investment”, it’s really just “An investment in pleasure.”

As for buying Tanzanite-like anything… be careful. Currently, many stones are being “coated” with a substance to improve their appearance. It’s undetectable by the consumer. Also, as many of my friends have found out the hard way, much of what is being sold is glass… so “buyer beware.” As long as you have recourse to get your money back, then go ahead. (If not, maybe skip the process!) Best of luck to you!

Unfortunately, this is a common practice, and not unique to Tanzanite. Definitely something to keep in mind when purchasing jewelry in general – whether for investment or not!