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Why Should You Get Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?

Wearing your jewelry every day puts stress on those valuable pieces. Wearing your ring throughout the day, you don’t realize how many times we grip things, bump into things, or knock our hands on things without even realizing it. Washing your hands, walking the dog, putting on hand lotion, hairspray, painting a room – it all adds up.

Obviously, removing your jewelry before doing all these things is ideal, but we all know that’s not always realistic. Cleaning your jewelry at home is also helpful, but you don’t realize is that all these things thin out the metal over time. It can wear on the prongs and shanks. When this happens, a prong could break or get moved, you could scratch or dent the gold or platinum, or you could even lose a stone! The moving pieces on bracelets and where a pendant slides on a necklace change are also vulnerable to this sort of wear.

Some of these issues you may notice immediately, and others only once it’s too late. It’s recommended to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected every 6 months, or even a bit more frequently than that.

Helzberg Diamonds does a great job with this, and with many locations, one should be easy to find. Cleaning and inspection are complimentary.

So, the bottom-line? Get your jewelry professionally cleaned and check. It will pay off in the long run.